Colors & Backgrounds

You make this theme sing to any colour (correct English spelling!)

Through our easy to use theme options page you can select a number of options that change the look and feel of the design. We like to keep things simple and we like to protect you from creating a mess.

Key Colours

You can change the key colours used by the theme in an instant, meaning you can have this theme in any colour. And yes that is how you spell colour in English!


Textures & Backgrounds

You’ll notice some subtle textures here and there, which can also be configured in theme options.

If you opt for a boxed layout (selectable in theme options or on a per post/page basis) you can also take advantage of the backstretch feature. This uses the WordPress standard background feature.

Custom CSS

You can of course make unlimited changes to tailor to your specific requirements using the custom css option in the theme options page. Our heroic support team will even help you with the odd bit of code to make it just so of you need.