Add an icon to make a statement

Add Icons to anything (just about)

The theme comes complete with the Entypo icon set. So you can add an icon to elements in your content by adding the class “icon-iconname”.

Just ass icon-iconname to the class attribute of any element.

Example 1:

Add an icon to any text : icon

Example 2:

Or to any button : Button

Example 1:

<span class="icon-battery large">icon</span>

Example 2:

<a href="http://grow.livingos.com/elements/buttons/" class="button icon blue icon-moon">Button</a>

Social Icons /Menus

To add social media icons to your menus, first make sure the class field is visible in the menu builder by checking option in screen options. Then set class to something like “twitter32”, “facebook32” or “google32”.

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Icon Block Lists

  • A note icon.
  • A bright star.
  • Love and all that.
  • Location, location, location.
  • To the moon.

These are really handy in a text widget for the home page. Just add


to a ul tag and add


to your list items (li).

All with Entypo Icons by Daniel Bruce